Is English tuition really necessary? We believe so.

The English language is arguably one of the most important subjects that your child will take for his or her examinations. As such, students simply cannot afford to be weak in the English language. In addition, English is also used to teach most other subjects such as science, mathematics, and the humanities in school. Moreover, English is also the lingua franca of the global corporate world, and students who do not have a strong foundation in English will find themselves at a serious disadvantage. That’s why we believe that English tuition is one of the most important courses a child can take.

Getting English Proficiency is Harder Than Other Subjects

In Singapore, there is an omnipresent Singlish culture that is spoken almost everywhere from food centres to corporate offices, and even in the classrooms. Teenagers today learn to speak from social media and their friends, and invariable become masters at speaking Singlish. Many students even use short form Singlish in their Whatsapp communications with our English tuition teachers! However, the examinations test for mastery in the proper use of the English Language, and specifically penalises the use of Singlish. The pervasive Singlish culture, as well as the inherent difficulty in mastering a whole language, means that for many students, doing well in the English exams is more difficult than doing well in other subjects.

Even for JC students, one of the hardest subjects to do well in is the General Paper (GP). Students need a strong foundation in English, coupled with critical reading skills, and flawless argumentative techniques to do well in GP. Students who do not do well in GP, will be faced with a difficult uphill task when applying for university admission.

Finding the Right English Tuition Teacher

As with many other subjects, many students take tuition in the English language to help improve their grades for the exams. And as with many other subjects, one of the difficulties of doing this is finding the right English tuition teacher. At The Education Lab, all our teachers are full-time professional English tutors, and whether you get a 1-1 home tutor or join a Very Small Class, you can be assured that your English tutor is going to be experienced, professional, and reliable.

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