Chemistry is an important subject for most students. This is considered the core science and mandatory for admission to university courses such as medicine, chemical engineering, and dentistry.

Our chemistry tuition classes enlighten students with knowledge and relevant examination skills to address the challenges of A level chemistry. There will be regular assessment quizzes after each topic, letting students know their own learning improvement.

Our goal is to help students gain skills and confidence in the application of chemical concepts. We believe in the potential of each student to do well (score distinction) in A level Chemistry with the right guidance.


The Education Lab has a wide variety of programmes for Secondary 1 to Junior College students that will help your kids manage his or her workload in preparing their ‘O’ or ‘A’ Level exams. At this stage, a strong emphasis on the structure, content and accurate implementation of knowledge characterizes our O and A level programmes as thorough and useful.

Performance is the primary focus of our Secondary School and Junior college programmes. With a short runway to the A and O levels, your kids need to develop the exam skills by subject and topic.

At this stage, learning habits work properly to direct the implementation and enhancement of key exam management strategies.

Continuous feedback and self-assessment help your kid manage the pressure stemmed from JC and Secondary School – these performance training components help your kid focus on recalling the key subject-specific knowledge learned in school with higher accuracy.

To find the best chemical tutors in Singapore, you need to investigate a little further than just Google or ask your friends for advice. There is also no government agency that track and maintain records of tutors.

Two key choices for a parent

(1) Find a tutor by means of a tuition agency

(2) Put your kid into a class with a tuition center

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The Education Lab offers a broad array of subjects from Secondary 1 to Junior College. Whether you are currently in IP, IB, O level or A level stream, we will definitely be able to meet your needs and expectations. We have established a very complete and detailed approach to help you achieve your desired results.

In a competitive country, obtaining a good certificate for a better opportunity in the marketplace is the key to survive in this society. Academy goals are to ensure that all students achieve academic success and provide them with the right skills and support in order to accomplish what they want most in their lives.

With the constructive development of the students, the academy is also gradually transforming via continuous feedback and self-evaluation over time. This means that the students are still up to date with the latest syllabus and the right approach to deal with exams and competition.

  • Qualified Full-Time Chemistry Tuition Teachers
  • Round-The-Clock Access to Tutors
  • 1-to-1 Lessons or Small Group Classes to suit your needs
  • Full Collection of Materials & Handouts Given Every Week
  • Critical Thinking Training

1-1 Chemistry Tuition Classes

(Either at your home or at our centre)

Convenience & Time Saving

As the Chemistry Tutor comes to the student’s home, the student can save the time he or she normally needs to go to the tuition centre. Parents think our home chemistry course is particularly useful in exam periods where an hour less spent to travel will be an extra hour to study! 

Expanding the Student's Perspective

We find that students immensely benefit from experienced tutors in Chemistry who are willing to deliver real-life learning experiences. 1-to-1 Chemistry tutor will enhance the student ‘s viewpoint greatly and facilitate them in understanding the texts of critical analysis from world news. 

Adaptive Learning Pace

Every student is special, and every student learns at a different speed. Instead of simply following an indifferent approach for different students that many tuition institutions use, our 1-to-1 & small group Chemical Classes can be structured to concentrate on areas where your kid is struggling, including grammar, paragraphs, and readings.

Individualised Lesson Plan

Our unique modular lesson plans enable the tutor to use the teaching approach that is the best for the student’s needs. Be it a 1-1 lesson or a small group class, we understand that a good lesson plan is of great importance for maximizing the learning capabilities of each child.

Chemistry Tuition Teacher of Your Choice

Every tutor has his/her own teaching styles and methods. Our 1-1 Home Tuition platform helps you to choose the best Chemical tutor for your child.

Professional Chemistry Teachers

The Education Laboratory is a hub for education that offers mainstream classes and 1-to-1 tutorial classes. We have an excellent team of Chemistry tutors who are our full-time teachers with the knowledge and skills to help your child achieve the best grade in Chemistry. We have experienced tutors in chemistry at every level ranging from primary to secondary school. 

Selection Of Chemistry Tuition Teacher

Starting with an initial phone or in-person contact, we will ask a couple of basic questions about

(1) Your actual intention to take Chemistry Tuition

(2) The current Chemical capability of your child

(3) How your child is currently learning chemistry, if possible.

We will shortlist a few Chemistry tutors that we think would be most appropriate for your child’s education after the initial conversation. Then, you will be informed about the credentials of each teacher, their specific teaching experience and performance.

Welcome to pick a teacher that fits your expectation to start tuition lessons!




At The Education Lab, we seek to blend the best of all options so that our qualified full-time teachers are accessible to parents who want home tuition. We have a department specializing in chemistry teaching alone, and we would like to believe we are good at it (based on the Chemistry exam results from our students last 3 years).

As we have been conducting Chemistry classes for so many years, we witnessed how a student could really unleash his or her potential during the final exams through training.


Chemistry is considered as an essential subject. This science subject is regarded as a fundamental admission requirement for university courses in medicine, chemical engineering, and dentistry.

Our classes in chemistry provide students with the necessary knowledge and skills to tackle complex chemistry problems at O and A level. Regular assessment tests covering every topic allow students to know their own progress in learning.

Our goal is to assist students to improve their performance and confidence in the application of chemistry principles. We believe in every student’s ability to do well (achieving score distinction) in Chemistry with the right instruction.

Students taking our classes in chemistry (whether they are 1-to-1 or small group class) appear to perform much better than their peers. Based on parental reviews, our students even continue to retain their reading and critical thinking skills even after completing their exams. This makes teaching chemistry even more meaningful for us at The Education Lab.


For more information on our tutoring and services please contact us immediately at 64750624.