At The Education Lab, we seek to provide the most effective PSLE, O-level, IP, & JC H1 Chinese tuition possible. Our curriculum is formulated by a team of NIE trained teachers, our head linguistics teacher is a Beijing native (so that we teach accurate Chinese pronunciation without any slang variations), and our content is taught by professional full-time Chinese tutors. We understand that your ultimate goal is to do well in the Chinese examinations and we have invested significant resources in (1) our teachers, (2) our syllabus, and (3) our materials to give you the best prospects of achieving that goal. 

We understand that Chinese tuition can be boring and drudgery at times, and our Chinese teachers put in significant time into creating interesting teaching methodologies, so as to spark curiosity in the students. Above all, through our constant interaction with the students, we hope to instill a lifelong love of the Chinese language into our students. 


The Education Lab has a team of highly experienced, full-time Chinese tuition teachers that are organised into groups teaching Primary School, Secondary School, and JC higher Chinese subjects. We believe that it is imperative that students achieve at least moderate proficiency in their mother tongue, not just for cultural reasons, but also because of the practicality of knowing how to speak, read, and write proficient mandarin in the 21st century. 

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Our Syllabus

Our syllabus is structured to help students improve their thinking ability in Chinese, As such, our Chinese tuition classes go beyond merely teaching the basics of the Chinese language. Instead, we help our students to think & read critically, and use interactive class activities (such as group discussions) to further enhance interaction of the spoken language. 

Our Class Types

We offer Chinese tuition only in the 1-1 tuition format or the Very Small Group (2 to 4 students) format. We do not offer large classes, because we believe that teaching Chinese, like many other subjects, requires the individualised attention of the Chinese tutor in order for the student to make meaningful progress. And based on the exceptional results of our past students, we believe we are on the right trajectory.

Our Materials

Our Chinese tuition classes give a significant amount of take-home notes and handouts to supplement classroom learning. This is because we know that most of the actual learning takes place at home, on a day-to-day basis, in the comfort of your child’s room. That’s why we seek to make every resource readily available to our students when they do self-studying. 

Overview of our Chinese Tuition Topics
  • Chinese Dialogue & Conversation
  • Chinese Essays & Comprehension
  • Modern Standard Mandarin (Simplified Mandarin)
  • Tones & pronunciation
  • Writing Chinese Characters
  • Hanyu Pinyin (Romanized Mandarin)
  • Chinese Grammar
  • Chinese Idioms
  • Our Chinese tuition syllabus is refined after each exam
  • Our modular lesson plan allows each class to be tailored for individual students
  • Our chinese tutors are professional full-time teachers
  • All our chinese tutors are bilingual and are graduates from local universities
  • We use easy-to-learn linguistic techniques to master Chinese more effectively

Learn Chinese with the education lab

Professional & Experienced Chinese Tuition Teachers

Our Chinese tuition teachers have over 120 years of combined full-time teaching experience, and are the alumni of RGS, HCJC, NUS (First Class Honors), and NTU. Two of our Principal Teachers are also NIE trained, and have received the Ministry of Education Teaching Award. Our Chinese tutors have taught across multiple academic levels and fully understand the different challenges faced by students at each level. In addition, our Chinese tutors also boast a huge collection of chinese language knowledge, examination skill-sets, and have readily available resources at hand to help the student. 

Caring & Encouraging Chinese Tuition Teachers

We have taught many students in the past, over the course of many years. And we understand that to succeed, we need to understand both the student’s intellectual needs, as well as the students confidence and psychology. That’s why our Chinese tutors give constant affirmation and encouragement to our students. It takes time, patience, and repetitive practices for a student to improve in the Chinese language. We believe our Chinese tutors have both the language proficiency and the emotional intelligence to help even our weakest students ultimately perform well in the Chinese language exams. 

Engaging Lessons

The Education Lab has also placed significant resources on making our Chinese tuition classes fun and interesting. We understand that learning a whole new language (especially if it isn’t your native language) can be a drudgery experience. Our Chinese tutors have worked hard to come up with creative and fun teaching techniques to make the learning of the Chinese language as engaging and fulfilling as possible.

Bilingual Explanations

In addition, all of our Chinese tutors are effectively bilingual (even our teachers from China are versed in English), and are able to provide immediate translations into English if necessary. We find that this helps a lot of students, particularly those that are very weak in the Chinese language, to quickly improve on that basic Mandarin skill. As the student improves in the Chinese Language, the higher-level Chinese tuition classes will be conducted entirely in Mandarin, so as to allow the students to experience a conducive all-mandarin learning environment.

Resources & Materials

The Education Lab provides a comprehensive and well-organized range of customised lesson notes, assessment books, and past exams for our Chinese tuition students. For our take-home materials, we also list the objectives of each lesson module, as well as the grading criteria for each piece of homework. We think that this helps the students to do self-revision more effectively, and understand what is required of them in the exams. (In addition, if students have questions about the notes, our Chinese tutors are readily accessible through Whatsapp on a daily basis)

Each student will receive a comprehensive materials packet. Here, we have organised the entire year’s worth of our content into a step-by-step, easy to revise bundle. The Chinese tuition materials packet comprises well-organised worksheets (categorised into different topics), school notes given by the certain top schools, and past exam papers. We have spent significant time and effort to create this materials packet so that when students go home after classes, they can easily refer to what was taught in class, and revise this week’s topic with self practices (this is in addition to the mandatory homework that will be given on a weekly basis). 



Choosing between 1-to-1 or Small Group Classes

Generally speaking, students in 1-1 Chinese tuition classes tend to do slightly better than students in group classes. This is simply because in a 1-1 class, the teacher is focused only on 1 student, and is able to customise the lesson plan to best suit that student’s needs. On the other hand, group classes tend to have more affordable fees, and sometimes tend to be more fun (since students often become good friends with their classmates). 

If your child is scoring significantly below average (lower than a “C”) in school, we recommend starting with 1-1 Chinese tuition, and as your child’s grades improve, we will then seek to place your child into a Small Group Class. Usually it takes between 2-5 months of 1-1 tuition before we make the switch to a Small Group Class. We find that this arrangement tends to work well for both improving the student’s grades, as well as maintaining the student’s sustained interest in the Chinese language. 

1-1 Chinese Tuition

In this setting, the chinese tutor is able to focus only on the single student, and is able to bring customised teaching content based on the strengths and weaknesses of that particular student. In addition, the chinese tuition teacher can focus more time on the areas of the subject where the student is weaker in, for example in essay writing. This often leads to an initial rapid improvement in the student’s chinese grades, before the improvement tapers off into a slower but steady progression. 

Moreover, there is usually a good deal of interaction between the chinese tutor and the student, which we find leads the student to have a greater understanding of the subject matter, and thus more significant improvement in their actual chinese language proficiency. 

Small Group Chinese Tuition Classes

As mentioned above, the two main advantages of group classes are that (1) the fees will be more affordable, and (2) group classes typically have a more vibrant & enjoyable learning environment. 

At The Education Lab, we seek to combine students of similar standards, and who are at the same point on the learning curve into the same Chinese tuition class. We find that this creates a positive and conducive learning environment for the students. Moreover, our Small Group syllabus incorporates group work and quiz games into the lessons to make the learning process more enjoyable. As such, students often benefit from the collective knowledge of both the Chinese tutors as well as their peers when learning in a Small Group Class. 


For more information on our tutoring and services please contact us immediately at 64750624.