Physics tuition is growing its prevalence in Singapore. This is an important basic science which explores the mechanisms of how the physical world works. Consider light, sound and atoms – scientists remain fascinated by them to this day. Physics has also been the foundation of significant technological advances, which have contributed immensely to humankind.

Physics is a field of research developed by mankind to understand the nature of the Universe. It is an area that intrigues us, because of the intrinsically curious and searching mind of man. Within the academic sector, the GCE examinations put less focus on the awareness and comprehension skills of the lower-order thought. Higher-order reasoning skills such as those of Synthesis and Evaluation should be mastered, in order to do well for the exams. Rote learning of your lecture notes would weaken your capacity in physics paper to attain the highest level of response. In terms of the related theories studied, you would need to be able to describe specific phenomenon. You will need to incorporate the various concepts learned to create a cohesive understanding of the big ideas. In addition, you must also be able to determine the shortcomings of the various ideas and methodologies taught in the lecture notes.


Physics is one of the most difficult topics, even with effective problem-solving strategies, it requires deep analytical comprehension. If it’s hard to get your child to understand the core principles, you might want to consider getting your child a physics tutor. Apart from raising grades for your child, physics tutoring will guide your child to interact effectively with others. Moreover, physics is also the only direction your child explores other subjects, including science and math.

It takes a little more work to find the best physics tutors in Singapore than just googling or asking your friends for recommendations. Apparently, there’s no government department that allows teachers to register and keep tabs on them.

Two primary choices for parents will be

(1) Seeking a tutor through a tuition agency

(2) Putting your child in a tuition class with a tuition center

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Physics Tuition classes

The Education Lab offers specialized 1-1 Physics Tuition classes (at home or at our center) and Very Small Group Physics classes (max. 2-4 students) are also available.

We provide full-time, well trained teachers at cost-effective Physics tuition. Most of our teachers are ex-MOE, and all teachers are authorized by MOE (this means we sent their data to MOE to be verified as physics teachers). No matter your child is going to take the PSLE, the O-levels, the A-levels or even the Private Candidate retaking tests, we have full-time, skilled tutors in Physics who are well educated in various syllabus for their exam.

Whether you want to go to a top university or just want to ace the subject, The Education Lab has the physics lesson that will put you on the road to success.

We have classes in physics for Primary 1-6 and Secondary 1-4 students. Both classes are taught by instructors who are with native proficiency and highly trained for physics tutoring. All of them are registered with MOE, as well.

Our syllabus is student-centered and closely associated with the school syllabus. Our classes are highly successful, meanwhile enjoyable and interesting. Let our teachers equip your kid to develop an distinguished command in this subject, and continue to be an excellent communicator in the corporate world.

  • Professional Full-Time Physics Tuition Teachers
  • Round-The-Clock Access to Tutors
  • 1-1 Lessons or Small Group Classes to fit your needs
  • Complete Set of Materials & Handouts Given Every Week
  • Critical Analysis & Logic Reasoning

1-1 Physics Tuition Classes

(Either at your home or at our centre)


Since our physics tutor comes to the student’s home, the student can save the time and energy that is usually needed to travel to the tuition centre. Parents agree that our Home Physics Tuition system is especially helpful during examination times, where every hour less travel is an additional study time! 

Expanding the Student's Perspective

We consider that students benefit immensely from experienced adult tutors in physics who can bring real-life learning experiences to the table. Our 1-1 tutors are able to supplement the students’ point of view substantially and foster their understanding towards critical analysis text on news. 

Adaptive Learning Pace

Every student is unique and each student is learning at a different speed. Our 1-1 & small group Physics tuition classes aid the ability of your kid to concentrate on their struggling areas (e.g. spelling, paragraphing, or reading), rather than merely following a one-size-fits-all approach that is used by other tuition centers.

Individualised Lesson Plan

Our unique modular lesson plans allow our tutors to use the lesson plan that best fits the students’ needs. Whether it is a 1-1 tuition or a small group class, we agree that a good lesson plan makes a huge difference in optimizing each child’s learning potential.

Physics Tuition Teacher of Your Choice

Different tutors have different coaching styles and methods, and with our 1-1 Home Tuition system, you can pick any tutor that best fits the unique needs of your kid.

Professional Physics Teachers

The Education Lab is a learning hub that provides traditional classes and 1-1 tutoring (at our facility or at home). We have an outstanding team of physics tutors who are full-time teachers and who have the knowledge and skills to facilitate your kids to take their physics knowledge to the next level. We have professional tutors in this subject at all levels, no matter if you are a primary or secondary school student.

Selection Of Physics Tuition Teacher

Based on our initial interview (phone or in-person), we will ask a number of short questions to decide

(1) Your physics tuition intent and
(2) The current physics knowledge of your kid. We would also like to understand
(3) How your child is currently preparing for physics, if possible.

After this initial communication, we will then be able to shortlist some tutors whom we think might be best suited to teach your child. We will inform you about the educational credentials of each tutor, their different teaching experiences, and also the performance of their students.

Then you can decide whether to select a specific teacher according to your interests and needs!

Results-Based Learning Method

This style of teaching physics, also known as outcome-based learning, differs from conventional methods of learning by integrating three elements:

(1) Theory of education
(2) A formal framework for education
(3) A particular approach to instructional practice

By integrating this into our approach of teaching in physics, students know what to expect of them at the end of the syllabus of a school year. For example, Secondary 4 students will know what they need to learn to perform well in the various sections of the GCE “O” level Physics Exam.




At The Education Lab, we are seeking to combine the best of both options to provide access to our professional full-time teachers for parents who want home tuition. We have a department that specializes only in tutoring physics, and we would like to think we’re pretty good at it (based on the results of the last 3 years of physics examination). Our tutors not only reinforce the writing and speaking of perfect physics, but also teach students the habits of critical reading and analysis, in particular for articles of opinion.

Since we have been teaching this subject for many years, we have understood how to train students to do very well in their final exams.


When is the best moment to start tuition in physics? We see most people starting their tuition from Secondary 3. The drastic jump from Sec 2 to Sec 3 causes the students to begin to worry about their performance in physics. That explains the high physics tuition needs for Sec 3.

In Sec 3, physics gets even tougher than those in lower secondary. Students entering sec 3 are unexpectedly bombarded with wordings they could never have heard of in their lives – kinetic model, rarefactions, electromagnetism, etc. For pure physics, the material delves deeper into definitions, with many needing a strong grasp of mathematical formulas.

Our teachers are able to structure lesson plans according to the needs of each student with a clear sense of what requires to be achieved. This is one of the reasons why our modular-lesson plans for physics are so useful, as teachers choose the lesson plans that precisely strengthen any student’s weaker areas.

There are many physics tuition teachers in Singapore but seeking a qualified tutor in this subject is considerably difficult. This is because almost all tutors in Singapore just speak physics to some degree, but very few tutors actually know how to speak perfect physics.

Teachers of physics courses at The Education Lab teach only physics and no other subjects. All teachers of physics are full-time teachers who only teach with The Education Center. Teachers will follow a set syllabus established by MOE teachers, and revised to MOE standards.

As a result, students that take our Physics classes (whether it’s 1-1 class or a small group class) tend to perform much better than their peers in the examinations. Most specifically, based on parental reviews, even after completing their examinations, our students continue to maintain their reading and critical analytic skills. That is what makes teaching physics much more worthwhile for us at The Education Lab.


For more information on our tutoring and services please contact us immediately at 64750624.