Our Programmes

English Proficiency Class (Primary Level)

Learn why we have one of the most effective English proficiency classes at the primary school level. Our language teaching methodology allows us to accelerate a child’s reading proficiency and stimulate reading interests in various subject matter. We also have a comprehensive range of materials to improve a student’s writing, grammar and comprehension skills.

English Mastery Class (Secondary Level)

Our secondary tuition programs aim to strengthen the students’ language as well as written literacy skills. In addition, We also aim to promote a positive attitude towards reading widely, and in particular, learning how to understand the analysis of current world events.

GP Mastery Class (JC level)

Our GP Mastery class focuses on the advanced writing techniques that are required to do well in the GCE a-level exams. These include advanced paragraphing techniques, sentence structuring, as well as argumentative writing techniques.

Maths Proficiency Class (Primary Level)

The math proficiency class enables students to sharpen their mathematical minds, as well as to spark a genuine interest in the wide array of applications mathematics can be used for. Our curriculum uses an array of learning tools, such as pictorial, heuristics, and abstract methodologies, to complement the traditional memorization and rote learning used in schools today.

E Maths & A Maths Mastery Classes (Secondary Level)

At The Education Lab, we believe we have one of the best maths programs to help you excel in secondary school mathematics. Our specialised maths classes have helped thousands of Secondary School students ace the O level exams, and go on to qualify for their first choice of junior college or polytechnic course.

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