Your Child Can Achieve Exceptional Results in the Examinations.

They simply need quality guidance & the right learning technique.

Since 2005, The Education Lab has enabled students to help themselves do well in the exams. We have invested significant resources to develop a unique modular education program that is specifically meant to help 1-to-1 students succeed. Our individualized approach allows teachers to teach in smaller, easy-to-understand lesson modules (think of lesson modules as small parts that make up a whole topic).

Moreover, our 1-to-1 approach also gives teachers a free hand to explore different learning techniques to see what works best with a particular student. Students that feel they understand the lesson, and that they “get it”, will in turn be motivated to help themselves even further.

Every student learns differently. That is why we adopt different modular lesson plans for different students. That’s why we do not emphasize a one-size-fits-all class approach. And ultimately, we believe that’s why our students consistently outperform the general student population.

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