Primary School Tuition Fees

Standard Comprehensive
Primary 1 - 3 $240 $320
Primary 4 - 5 $320 $380
Primary 6 $380 $420

Secondary School Tuition Fees

Standard Comprehensive
Secondary 1 $320 $400
Secondary 2 $350 $440
Secondary 3 $380 $480
Secondary 4, 5 $420 $520

Junior College Tuition Fees

Standard Comprehensive
JC 1 $380 $480
JC 2 $420 $540

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get class schedule and timings?

The easiest and fastest way is to call our General Inquiries Hotline at 6475-0624 (7 days a week; 10am to 11pm).

In addition, you can also go to our homepage and fill in the “Get Class Info” section at the top off the page. We will respond to your inquiry within one working day.

What is the difference between (i) Standard vs. (ii) Comprehensive Classes?

The Standard Classes (4-8 students per class) have a less intensive syllabus meant for students who are already doing well in the general paper. The syllabus is meant to keep students up-dated with the latest content and notes, but with a lesser workload so students can focus on improving other subjects.

The Comprehensive class is our most popular program (4-8 students per class). It’s called “Comprehensive” because it runs about 2-3 weeks ahead of the MOE syllabus. The class follows our most comprehensive Syllabus plan, and students have access to our full range of notes and materials.

We also offer a personalised Intensive Class, meant for students that are very weak and require personalised attention to improve. The intensive class is extremely small (class size of 1-4 students), and each student also gets 1-1 meetings with the teacher every month.

Do you provide one-to-one home tuition?

Yes, we do.

Our home tuition teachers are the same teachers that teach in our mainstream group classes. All teachers are full-time staff, and most of them are MOE registered.

To request for a home tutor, we will need your (1) location, (2) the timings you are available for tuition, and (3) your tuition budget range — we will assign teachers only within your budget.

The fees for our teachers range from $70 to $170 per hour. Fees are dependent on a teacher’s (1) student performance, (2) teaching experience level, (3) teacher’s educational qualifications, and (4) parent’s feedback for individual teachers.

Are there trial classes?

Yes. The first month of classes is considered a trial period. Students may stop at any time during the first month.

If you do decide to stop classes, you would still have to pay for the classes you attended, and we will refund all unused class fees within 5 working days.

Do you provide notes and materials?


All necessary notes and materials required for the classes will be provided. In addition, approximately 20-30 pages of notes and practices will be given out to each student each week, as part of take-home practice of the syllabus.

The materials comprise (1) news readings, (2) model essays, (3) JC content notes, and (3) practice papers. The materials are given out based on the syllabus schedule.

More questions? Take a look at our FAQ, or call 6475-0624 to speak with our admissions specialist today.

Contact Us

If you need to clarify or would prefer to make a phone request instead. Feel free to contact us at 6475-0624 or WhatsApp us below.