Should you take Additional Mathematics (A-maths) for the ‘O’ levels?

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If you are in a Singapore secondary school, and you like math or are confident of doing well in math, you probably will decide to do additional mathematics for the ‘O’ levels. If your secondary school gives you a choice (some schools do make add math compulsory), this is an important decision to make when proceeding to secondary 3.

Here are some reasons why you might want to choose to take additional mathematics:

  • A pass in additional mathematics is a prerequisite for studying H2 math or H2 further math at JC. If you are keen on pursuing higher education in medicine, science, or engineering, then it is highly advisable to take additional mathematics as most institutes of higher learning, including universities such NUS or NTU, always list a pass in H2 math as one of the entry criteria to these courses. You would therefore need to take additional mathematics at ‘O’ level in order to qualify for H2 math at JC, so that you can later do go for those courses in your post-secondary or post-JC education. Otherwise, your roadmap for further education would be disrupted and you might need to spend plenty of valuable time and money on bridging courses.
  • Knowledge and skills gained in additional mathematics would be of great help to you in tackling ‘O’ level Mathematics (Syllabus 4048). In additional mathematics, you are exposed to harder problems and acquire a deeper skill set that is highly transferable to ‘O’ level Mathematics.
  • Mathematics is a subject that trains logical thinking and the ability to synthesize problem solving methods and formulae from different topics. By gaining more exposure to math, you will be able to develop thinking and problem solving skills that would also help you in the science subjects as well as in subjects like accountancy or economics.

Probably the only reason why you would decide not to go for additional mathematics is because you find math hard in general or you are extremely sure that your plans for further education would not involve math, science, or engineering subjects.

Do not be daunted simply because additional mathematics sounds like it will be a lot harder than ‘O’ level Mathematics. You have two years to train yourself in the subject and in the hands of good teachers and math tutors, there is no reason why you won’t do well.

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