Your Child Can Achieve Exceptional Results in the Examinations.


Our classes closely follow the topics that are taught in schools, with each lesson designed to build upon the same materials in the school textbooks. Moreover, our curriculum is designed with key milestones, clearly defining between revision of older topics and the learning of new topics. So even if your child wasn’t able to fully understand the material at school, our lesson plan will go through it again, and this time, our professional 1-1 teachers will ensure your child fully understands the materials before moving on.


Our classes cover interesting topics, such as artificial intelligence and the COVID-19 outbreak. And we use pictures and multimedia to present abstract mathematical concepts so children can better visualise the idea for themselves. We understand that students learn best when they themselves are motivated to learn, that’s why we place significant resources on helping students understand why these topics are relevant to their careers and future goals.


We understand the ultimate goal is for your child to do well in the exams. Our lesson includes speed-reading, marking out passages, and exam time-management skills that will give your child the upper hand in the exams. Such skill sets allow our students to outperform the majority of their peers in the competitive final examinations, and obtain the results that have placed many of our students in the university of choice.

MOE Exam Format Trends

MOE constantly updates the curriculum (usually every few years) to change with the needs of our Singapore economy. As educators, our team of ex-MOE teachers reviews each GCE examination annually to ensure that we are on top of the changes. That our curriculum is fully up-to-date, and our lesson plans reflect the latest examination trends and syllabus changes.

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