Our curriculum for mathematics is an effective scheme compatible with the current syllabus for MOE. From problem-solving skills, heuristics, to higher-order reasoning, we ensure that students can learn mathematics skills that will serve them well later in life and unleash their full potential.

Our team of Mathematics teachers will work with your child to revise their Mathematics fundamentals and refine the strategies required for exams.

Students will be introduced to the Maths heuristics needed to solve problems effectively. When they keep practicing the commonly tested topics and exam questions, they are well prepared with the knowledge of key mathematical concepts so as to answer the questions precisely. In order to enhance the interest of our students in Maths, our signature answering techniques will also be introduced to address the different components of each subject paper (problem sums and open-ended questions)


Our in-house specially designed materials allow our tutors to focus on helping students build a strong foundation in logic and numeracy; and excel in their school exams. Our <a href=” title=”math tuition singapore” href=”” target=”_blank”>math tuition</a> curriculum fully engages students of the 21st century with differentiated teaching methods and challenging issues.

It is ideal for any student wishing to reach a certain degree of Mathematics mastery and having a practical curriculum. It also enables students to obtain the necessary mathematical concepts and skills and to build good cognitive and metacognitive skills. It takes a little more work to find the best Maths tutors in Singapore than simply googling or asking your friends for recommendations. Also, there’s no government entity that allows teachers to register and keep a close watch on them.

Two elementary options for parents:

(1) Seek a tutor via a tuition agency

(2) Place your child in a class at a tuition center

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Maths Tuition classes

The Education Lab provides tailored 1-1 Maths Tuition classes (at home or in our centre), as well as Very Small Group Maths Classes (max. 2-4 students).

We provide full-time, qualified teachers at out Maths tuition. Many of our teachers are ex-MOE and all of them are registered as MOE teachers (this means we have sent their records to MOE for verification as Maths Teachers). If your child is going to take the PSLE, the O-levels, the A-levels or even retake the exams as a Private Candidate,  what we will offer your child are full-time, qualified Maths tutors well specialized in various syllabus of these exams.

Whether you want to go to a top university or just ace the subject, The Education Lab has the right Maths tuition class that will lead you to success.

We have Maths training classes for both Primary 1-6 and Secondary 1-4 students. All classes are taught by experienced, full-time, native- Maths teachers who are exceptionally trained to teach mathematics. Moreover, each of our teachers are registered with MOE.

Our syllabus is student-oriented and closely compatible with school syllabus. Our classes are highly effective and interesting. Let our teachers help your children establish an excellent command in Maths; and proceed to be an excellent communicator in the business world.

  • Qualified full-time Maths teachers
  • Round-the-clock access to teachers
  • 1-1 lessons or small group classes to match your every need
  • Complete collection of materials and handouts given every week
  • Critical analysis skills with personalized style of teaching
  • Practical solution to improve mathematics

1-1 Maths Tuition Classes

(Either at your home or at our centre)


Since our Maths tutor comes to the student’s home to host the lesson, the student can then save time and energy to travel to the tuition centre. Parents agree that our Home Maths Tuition program is especially useful during examination, where every minute is considered as precious study time!

Expanding the Student's Perspective

We find that students benefit immensely from professional tutors who can bring real-life learning experiences to the table. 1-1 Maths tutors are able to guide the students’ point of view and help them develop critical analysis.

Adaptive Learning Pace

Each student is unique and learning at a different speed. Our 1-1 & Small Group Maths tuition classes are special in targeting on the areas your child is fighting with (e.g. spelling, paragraphing, or reading), rather than just following a one-size-fits-all approach used by other tuition centers.

Individualised Lesson Plan

Our unconventional modular lesson plans allow the Maths teacher to use the lesson plan that best fits the students’ needs. We agree that a good lesson plan makes a huge difference in optimizing each child’s learning potential, whether it is a 1-1 tuition or a small group class.

Maths Tuition Teacher of Your Choice

In our 1-1 Home Tuition program, each tutor has their own teaching styles and methods, you can pick the Maths tutor that befits your child’s particular needs.

Professional Maths Teachers

The Education Lab is an educational facility that provides regular classes and 1-1 tutoring (at our centre or at your home). We have an excellent team of Maths full-time teachers who possess the knowledge and skills to help your child take their Maths to the next level. Whether you are a student of primary or secondary school, we have professional tutors in math at all stages for you.

Selection Of Maths Tuition Teacher

Based on our preliminary phone call or in-person communication, we will ask a list of short questions to know about 

(1) Your objectives to take Maths tuition
(2) The current Maths skills of your kid and
(3) How your kid currently trains for Maths, if possible.

After this initial communication, we will then be able to shortlist a few tutors who we think might be best fitted to teach your child. You will be informed of the educational background, teaching experiences and student’ performance of each teacher.

Then you can accordingly select a specific teacher to start your tuition!

Results-Based Learning Method

Topical Re-teaching and Tutorials
The main topical concepts are reintroduced in topical re-teaching, illustrate and the main techniques are illustrated to answer common types of questions. Students will then review examples of different types of questions and learn about the of pitfalls and errors they appear to make through the guidance of our Math teachers. Every student is carefully monitored when completing the tutorial to define and correct key errors.

Overall Revision Drills
Students will receive revision worksheets and notes which cover a spectrum of interlinked topics in overall revision drills. Each of these revision worksheets and notes are intended specifically to highlight common mistakes and errors that are typically made by students. Such worksheets and notes also use higher-order thinking questions to encourage and educate students on the best approach to solving challenging questions.

Concept-Reinforcement and Topical-Revision
In concept-reinforcement and topical-revision, students are introduced to a broader variety of questions for each subject in order to foster familiarity with the variations in the topic. Such lessons are specifically designed for combined-science students to support them with syllabus-specific questions.




At The Education Lab, we try to channel the best outcome to parents who wish to access to qualified full-time home tuition teachers. We have a team that specializes in teaching mathematics, and we believe we’re performing good at it (based on the results of the last 3 years of Maths exam). Not only do our Maths teachers reinforce the perfect command of Maths, but they also teach students the habits of critical analysis and problem solving.

Due to our experience in teaching Maths for many years, we have identified the way on how to equip students to do well in the exams.


Since there are lots of Maths tuition teachers in Singapore, how do parents find a professional one? Almost all tutors in Singapore understand Maths to a certain standard, but very few of them actually know how to deliver the best Maths lesson.

Maths tutors at The Education Lab teach only Maths and work full-time. All tutors will follow a set of syllabus established by MOE teachers, and revised to MOE criteria.

As a result, students taking our Maths classes (whether it’s 1-1 or a small group class) appear to do much better in the exams than their peers do. More significantly, based on parents’ view, even after completing the exams, our students continue to maintain their calculating and analytic skills. That is what makes teaching Maths even more worthwhile for us at The Education Lab.


For more information on our tutoring and services please contact us immediately at 64750624.