English tuition in Singapore is gaining popularity, and with good reason. English is the primary language of instruction in various schools all around Singapore, and this makes it especially important for students to be highly proficient in the English language right at the start. Although most Singaporeans students speak “English”, in reality it’s more of a mix of English and Mandarin and Malay, colloquially known as ‘Singlish’. It is therefore important that students be well-versed in Standard English, that is, the English language that is used across the globe and in business settings. Many parents see English tuition as a way of ensuing that today’s teenagers have very high exposure to Singlish – and not the Standard English that is required of them. Sometimes adults do not even know what teenagers are typing on their phones because of the excessive use of acronyms and Singlish terms in text messages. Moreover, many teachers also complain that students use Singlish terms even in English examination essays.


If it is difficult to get your child to read and write proper English, you may want to consider getting an English tuition teacher for your child. Apart from improving your child’s English grades, English tuition will significantly help your child to communicate with others. In addition, English is also the only means by which your child learns other subjects, such as Science and Mathematics.

To find the best English tutors in Singapore, it takes a little more research then simply Googling or asking your friends for recommendations. There is also no government agency that requires tuition teachers to register and keeps tabs on them.

The two primary options a parent has would be

(1) To find a tutor through a tuition agency

(2) To put your child in a tuition class with a tuition center

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English Tuition classes

The Education Lab provides specialised 1-1 English Tuition classes (at home or at our centre), we also provide Very Small Group English Classes (2-4 students max).

We offer quality English tuition by full-time, professional teachers. Many of our teachers are ex-MOE and all teachers are MOE registered (this means that we have submitted their particulars to MOE to be vetted as English teachers). So whether your child is taking the PSLE, the O-levels, the A-levels, or even retaking exams as a Private Candidate. We have full-time, professional English tutors that are well trained in the various exam syllabus.

English is a very special subject to us at The Education Lab, becuase it was the very first subject we started teaching when The Education Lab was founded. As we became more successful over the years, other professional teachers joined us to teach the other subjects which we now offer. But English has always been our very strong point, and we intend to keep giving the high quality English tuition classes that you expect of us.

Whether you’re Into a top university, improve your presentation skills in the corporate world, or want to be able to communicate perfectly in English, The Education Lab has the English tuition class that will put you on the track to success.

We have English tuition classes for students from Primary 1-6, Secondary 1-4, as well as for JC1-2 students. All classes are taught by professional, full-time teachers with native English proficiency, and are uniquely qualified to teach English. All teachers are also MOE registered.

Our syllabus is student-centred and closely aligned with the syllabus taught in schools. You’ll find our classes to be highly productive, yet fun and interesting. Let our teachers help your child develop an outstanding command in the English language, and go on to become an excellent communicator in the corporate world.

Primary 1-6

Secondary 1-4

JC1-2 students

  • Professional Full-Time English Tuition Teachers
  • Round-The-Clock Access to Tutors
  • 1-1 Lessons or Small Group Classes to fit your needs
  • Complete Set of Materials & Handouts Given Every Week
  • Critical Reading & World News
  • Oral Exam Practice
  • Narrative & Non-Narrative Comprehension
  • Essay Writing (Including paragraphing & Topic Sentences)
  • Situation Writing
  • Visual Text Section
  • Critical Reading & World News
  • Oral Exam Practice

1-1 English Tuition Classes

(Either at your home or at our centre)

Convenience & Time Saving

Since the English tuition teacher comes to the home of the student, the student is able to save the time and effort normally required to travel to the tuition centre. Parents say our Home English Tuition programme is especially helpful during examination periods where every hour less spent travelling is an additional hour for studying! 

Expanding the Student's Perspective

We find that students benefit enormously from experienced adult English tutors who are able to bring real-life learning experiences to the table. 1-1 English tutors are able to significantly complement the students point of view, and to help them understand critical analysis text in many news articles. 

Adaptive Learning Pace

Every student is unique, and every student learns at a different pace, particularly for languages. Our 1-1 & small group English tuition classes are uniquely suited to focus on the areas that your child is struggling in (eg. grammar, or paragraphing, or reading), instead of simply adopting a one-size-fits-all approach that other tuition centres use. 

Individualised Lesson Plan

Our unique modular lesson plans allows for the English tutor to use the lesson plan that is best suited for the needs of the student(s). Whether it’s a 1-1 tuition or a small group class, we understand that a good lesson plan makes a big difference in maximizing the learning aptitude of each child.

English Tuition Teacher of Your Choice

Every tutor has their own teaching styles and methodology, with our 1-1 Home Tuition program, you can select the English tutor that is best suited to your child’s specific needs. 

Professional English Teachers

The Education Lab is an education centre that conducts mainstream classes as well as 1-1 tutoring (either at our centre or at your home). We have an outstanding team of English tuition teachers who are full-time teachers with us, and who have the experience and expertise to help your child take their command in the English language to the next level. Whether you are a primary, secondary, or a JC (learn about our GP Programme) student, we have specialised English tutors at every level. 

Selection Of English Tuition Teacher

Based on our initial interaction over the phone (or in-person), we will ask a series of short questions to determine (1) your purpose for the English tuition, as well as (2) your child’s current English ability. If possible, we would also like to know (3) how your child currently studies for English. For instance, does he/she read the news regularly, and what kind of books he/she enjoys reading. 

After this initial meeting, we will then be able to shortlist several English tutors whom we think may be best suited for teaching your child. We will inform you of each teacher’s educational qualifications, their specific teaching experiences, and we will also tell you the students’ performance for each teacher. 

You can then decide if you wish to pick a particular teacher to start tuition lessons! 

Results-Based Learning Method

Also known as Outcome-based learning, this style of teaching English differs from the traditional learning methods by the way it incorporates three elements: (1) theory of education, (2) a systematic structure for education, and (3) a specific approach to instructional practice. 

By incorporating this in our English teaching methodology, students know what is expected of them at the end of the syllabus (usually at the end of the school year). For instance, students in secondary 4 will know what they need to master to do well in the various parts of the GCE “O” level English Exam, such as editing, sit writing, oral exam’s conversational skills, etc. 

With a clear sense of what needs to be accomplished, our English teachers are able to structure lesson plans around each students’ needs. This is one of the reasons why our English tuition modular-lesson plans are so useful, because teachers select the lesson plans that specifically improve the weaker areas of any one student.




At The Education Lab, we seek to combine the best of both options, to allow parents who want home tuition access to our professional full-time class teachers. We have a department that specialises in teaching English only, and we’d like to think that we are pretty good at it (based on the past 3 years of English exam results). Our English tuition teachers not only reinforce the writing and speaking of perfect English, but also teach students the habits of critical reading and analysis, especially for opinion articles.

As we have been teaching English for many years, we have seen how “weak” students can be trained to actually perform very well in the final exams. Some students neglect English because they believe they already practice it everyday, that it is easy and requires no extra time for tuition and practice.

This is a very dangerous train of thought, as English it’s not a subject that can be learned overnight. It takes many years of reading and writing and practicing to be able to do well in English examinations. And the good news is, once you have a strong command in English, it doesn’t require a lot of effort to keep you at the top. Conversely, once a student’s finds himself or herself weak at English, it takes an extraneuous effort to become proficient in the subject again. Worse still, the student may come to believe that there is no way to improve their English language grades, and just “sacrifice” (totally give up on) the subject.


There are many English tuition teachers in Singapore, however, it is significantly more difficult to find a specialized English tutor. This is because, like students, almost all tutors in Singapore speak English to a certain degree, but very few tuition teachers actually know how to speak perfect English.

English tuition teachers at The Education Lab teach only English and no other subjects. All English teachers are full-time teachers that teach only with The Education Lab. Teachers must follow a fixed syllabus that has been drawn up by MOE teachers, and is updated in accordance with MOE standards.

As a result, students that take our English classes (whether it’s 1-1 class or a small group class) tend to perform much better than their peers in the examinations. More importantly, based on parental feedback, our students tend to keep their reading and critical analysis skills even after they have completed their exams. To us at The Education Lab, this is what makes teaching English that much more worthwhile.


For more information on our tutoring and services please contact us immediately at 64750624.