The Education Lab comprises a group of teachers who are committed to teaching and educating the younger generation of Singaporeans.

The Education Lab was established in 2005 by a group of university graduates who came together to teach. We all had one thing in common — we enjoyed teaching in our younger days and wanted to follow that passion. Since then, The Education Lab has established itself as one of the foremost education centres in Singapore, teaching students from primary school through to Junior College. We now have a broad team of similarly committed teachers who deliver useful and Interesting lessons.

We offer students a very wide range of subjects, and the curriculum that is up to date and closely aligns with the latest MOE syllabus. Whether you’re a student’s in dire need of tutoring help, or whether you’re already doing quite well in school but want to maintain a distinction, we have two tuition programs and classes that will cater to each student’s individual needs. The Education Lab has worked closely with many teachers and students over the years, providing materials, lesson plans and notes.

Beyond just doing well in the exams, The Education Lab believes that every student has the ability and will power to become a champion and their own right.

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If you need to clarify or would prefer to make a phone request instead. Feel free to contact us at 6475-0624 or WhatsApp us below.