Students who achieve a good command of the English language are able achieve so much more in their academic and corporate careers. English is the primary medium of communication in Singapore, students realise that being proficient in English also gives them a significant advantage in all their other subjects. Some parents now realise that a professional English tuition teacher who is able to effectively facilitate a student’s command in English is indispensable.

Yet, many other parents believe that since their children already speak English everyday, there is no need to get an English tutor. Why allocate precious money and time for English instead of spending it on other subjects? These parents believe tutoring resources should instead be directed to technical subjects such as the sciences or mathematics.

While this rationale is prima facie not wrong, it is somewhat short-sighted. It is true that many children in Singapore speak English on a daily basis — however, the English spoken daily is not the same as the reading analysis and argumentative writings the student has to perform in the English examinations.

MOE schools teach a technical form of English, encompassing not just basic reading and writing, but paragraphing, paraphrasing, as well as critical analysis of opinion readings. These levels of English are not used on a daily basis, and require years of schooling (and usually English tuition) to successfully master.

A good command of English is required when your child goes to university, or when he/she goes for interviews, and even when he/she is considered for promotion in the corporate world. Simply put, English is too important to not perform well in. Speaking and writing perfect English gives individuals a huge advantage over the course of their entire lifetime. This is why we believe that our professional English tuition curriculum is one of the most important courses students take. And this is why we spend a huge amount of resources ensuring our English tuition classes & our English tutors are amongst the best in Singapore.

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