In Singapore, many students take Chinese tuition as the importance of mastering Chinese is secondary only to English. The majority of students have to take a 2nd language, and for most Singaporeans, that language will be Chinese. Moreover, there is a strong argument that we should not forget our mother tongue. In addition, the ability to speak Chinese is of immense practical importance. It is for this reason that we have made our Chinese tuition classes one of our core subjects we specialise in. 

Given the rising influence of China, there are numerous economic opportunities available for those who can read, speak, and write the Chinese language well. Globally, more than 1 out of 5 people in the entire world will be speaking Mandarin Chinese. China itself has a population of 1.3 billion people, and is currently the largest market in the world. With the advent of globalisation, Chinese companies are expanding rapidly, and Western companies are seeking inroads into China. Students in Singapore, who are trained to be bilingual (albit with Chinese tuition), are uniquely positioned to take advantage of the opportunities and partnerships that will be created for many decades to come. 

This is why, at The Education Lab, we treat our Chinese Tuition curriculum as one of our most important core subjects. And we spend significant resources ensuring that our teaching curriculum, and our teachers, are amongst the best in Singapore. 

Why take Chinese tuition?

✔ Renew your child’s interest in the mother-tongue — Our Chinese tuition teachers are trained to help your child overcome their dislike of the Chinese language. We do this through using interesting excerpts in the Chinese language, as well as using fun and interactive linguistic methods of teaching. As a result, we often see renewed interest in our students towards learning the Chinese language.

✔ Enabling your child to score well in the exams — Our chinese tuition classes have enabled thousands of students to outperform their peers in the examinations. Our MOE aligned Chinese syllabus, tried-&-tested examination skillsets, and professional full-time chinese tutors will enable your child to significantly improve their Chinese exam scores. 

Who is Chinese Tuition suitable for? 

> Is your child aiming for a distinction in the Higher Chinese Examinations or the Chinese Language Examinations? 

> Perhaps your child currently has chinese tuition but does not seem to be improving. 

> Does your child come from an English speaking family? 

> Does your child lack inherent interest in learning the Chinese language? 

> Is your child having difficulty keeping up with the CHinese classes at school? 

Does your Child Struggle with Chinese in School? 

We understand that Chinese is one of the most difficult subjects in school, and many students that are not proficient in Chinese simply try to pass the Chinese exams. However, doing well in Chinese it’s not beyond most students’ capabilities. Some students may have more of an attitude towards learning Chinese, but we believe that almost every student will be able to perform satisfactorily given proper Chinese tuition instruction. 

In addition, doing well in Chinese will lead to a higher score in the final exams. Chinese is a required subject at both the PSLE exams, as well as in the O-levels. Therefore, once a student has mastered Chinese, that student will have an inherent advantage in the exams — not only because they will do well in Chinese, but they also free up more time to study other subjects.

At The Education Lab, we seek to offer the most balanced teaching curriculum, coupled with professional full-time chinese tutors, to enable your child to achieve proficiency in the Chinese language in a short time. We bring to the table a modular syllabus, so that our Chinese tutors can focus on areas that the student(s) is weak in. We believe this comprehensive, targeted approach has enabled our students to outperform many of their peers during the final exams. 

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